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You Can Get an Effective Way to Increase PC Performance How to Design an E-Commerce Store With Web Design Software

The increase in TVs and electronic appliances, as well as the quick development of high speed internet, mobile phones and photocopy machines, as well as the installation of computers in every home, have created a demand for high performance PCs. This requirement has given computers a major impact in the each and every aspect of our lives. The computer can be a valuable tool for entertainment as well as for doing business, games and music, variety of software programs, etc. It is a convenience that is appreciated even by individuals. High performance computers help you do your office work fast and effectively. However, in some cases, the computers can be slowed down by many things. When you use a slow computer, don’t get upset. You can learn some ways to increase PC performance yourself.

Lack of RAM:

If you don’t have enough memory in your computer, you won’t be able to perform many tasks. This will be very useful for games and programs, but if your computer is urgent, you need to have enough RAM. Therefore, it is advised that you upgrade the memory of your computer.

cup RAMis also found in the CPU. It is the main source of the memory in your system. You will certainly feel the effect when you operate your computer with low RAM.

#1 Remove the desktop.

Windows set up default shortcuts on the desktop; hence, you should remove it. But you have the option to put other shortcuts on your desktop. Therefore, if you have many programs on your computer, you don’t need to have desktop icon.

#2 Clean up your temporary internet files and your cache.

Typical internet browsers will create temporary files for each website you visit. These files usually pile up and become a huge waste of space. Apart from occupying space, they also eat up the memory of your computer. Betmp is also a temporary file made by default. Betmp is used by Windows when it starts up. It is used for speeding up the surfing of your computer. Unfortunately, it creates problems by keeping Betmp files without checks. You should delete them regularly.

#3 Empty Recycle bin.

Do you keep unwanted files in your computer? Make sure you clean them up regularly. If you have used a lot of hard disk space, these files can slow down your computer. In the Windows 95 and 98 version, the recycle bin is located in the Start menu. Carry out the following steps to empty the recycle bin in your computer:

Open my computer.Double click to open the removable drive that you want to clean up.Select the file you want to delete.Press the right mouse button and select Properties.In the Open and select Properties.Find out Application Data in the left pane.Select here the file you want to delete and press OK.

#4 Run a registry Cleaner.

A registry cleaner will thoroughly scan your computer. It will locate incomplete files, fragmented files and broken files. It will also find corrupt entries in the registry. All of these could lead to a fragmented registry and a slow computer. If the registry is fragmented, your computer will have a hard time looking for the files in the registry, and they will take a long time to run. This causes system instability and computer lag. A registry cleaner can help to prevent this from happening in the first place.